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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for Flavor 2023

Table of contents Expand Best portable vaporizers for flavor Firefly 2+ Arizer Solo 2 Mighty+ Tinymight 2 POTV Lobo POTV XMAX V3 Pro Desktop option EpicVape E-Nano by Epickai Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions Last updated: November 21st, 2023 We are constantly looking for new and exciting products to add to our list of top choices. This page will continue to update and evolve as we discover and test more vaporizers. Great vapor, rich in herbal accents and flavors is a sure sign of a high-quality vaporizer worthy of praise. These dry herb vapes not only pass our initial quality checks, but also excel with exceptional taste thats sure to impress. Each one of these vapes comes with a variety of different features for different occassions. Whether you want a big hitter thats full of flavor, or a microdoser that still highlights those her...

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The Best Vaporizers for Clouds 2023

Table of contents Expand Best portable vaporizers for clouds Mighty+ POTV Lobo Boundless Tera Tinymight 2 POTV XMAX V3 Pro Sticky Bricks DynaVap vaporizers Best desktop vaporizers for clouds Ditanium Volcano Hybrid Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions Last updated: November 21st, 2023 We are constantly looking for new and exciting products to add to our list of top choices. This page will continue to update and evolve as we discover and test more vaporizers. We often emphasize quality, taste, and efficiency with our dry herb vaporizers , but what about just raw cloud production Its not only fun to exhale large clouds of vapor, but it can also help users gauge how much theyve consumed. Visible clouds are also a good way to gauge how well your vaporizer is performing. If your exhales are thin and wispy, it could be a sign that your v...

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Giving Back and Giving Thanks

Giving Back and Giving Thanks - 2023 Do well by doing good, the only sustainable business model As a company, Planet of the Vapes not only wants to have a positive impact on our customers and team but also on our planet and communities as well. We understand that as a profitable business we have the opportunity to do good and we have taken on this responsibility with the belief that bold ideas with small actions and long-term commitment can make a big change. Taking Action: 500,000+ Meals Planet of the Vapes is giving back and contributing 500,000+ meals to those in need. We have made this a yearly commitment because in a world where food is abundant no one should be hungry. A crisis that demands action There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone on the planet. In fact, billions of tons of nutritious food go uneaten every year. And yet as many as 828 mill...

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Planet of the Vapes Glass Guide

Glass pieces are great for gentler hits, refined flavor, and quality vapor. Take a look at our Planet of the Vapes Glass glass guide and grab the perfect piece for you! From left to right: Mini Bubbler, Curved Glass Stem, Water Pipe Adapter, Dimpled Globe Stem, Dimpled Glass Stem, Curved mini Bubbler Dry stems for discreet flavor To kick the glass party off, lets start with our dry glass stems. Our Dimpled Glass Stem is a great piece for discreet cooling wherever you are. This stem comes with a crowd of internal glass dimples to cool and refine the vapor before it reaches your lips. Its short and discreet, so it wont draw too much attention if you need to lay low a little. Crafty+ with Crafty+ Glass Adapter and POTV Dimpled Glass Stem. Similar to the Dimpled Glass Stem, the Globe Glass comes with internal dimples to cool, but with an added bulbous globe to help...

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Roundup Page: All Vape Deals, One Black Friday Source

As the #1 ecommerce store for dry herb vaporizers our goal is to serve you, the community. Thats why we provide not only our deals, but (almost) every vape discount around the industry so you can find the perfect deal for you. Please note, the provided discount codes below are only valid for their respective retailers/manufacturers. They do NOT work on the Planet of the Vapes website. Other Vape Retailers/Manufacturers US Deals 420 EDC Holiday Sale (10/01 - 12/31) 10% Off using Code: HOLIDAZE23 5% Back when using a 420EDC Account (Guest Checkout isnt eligible for 5% Back). 20% Off All LockBoxes, StashBoxes, StashCases, and Flowfold gear Cali Connected Black Friday (11/24) 25% OFF Site-Wide Promo Code: BF25 Cyber Monday/Cyber week (11/25 to 11/30) 20% OFF Site-Wide with daily featured products marked down 30% or more on the home page. Every featured product di...

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The Venty Vaporizer: Storz & Bickel's latest addition

The latest installment of Storz & Bickel dry herb vaporizers enters as the Venty. Jurgen Bickelshowcased the new portable and its new feature in a keynote recently and w e cant wait to get our hands on one. Heres what we know about the next step in Storz & Bickel vaporization. Adjustable airflow The coolest feature we see from the Venty dry herb vaporizer is an adjustable airflow dial. Tighten it down for slow, easy sips, or open it up for the biggest, longest draws. This cool addition will help cater itself to a variety of different users, whether youre a lighter user, a heavy hitter, or somewhere in between. 20 second heat up time One of the biggest improvements we see over the rest of Storz & Bickels vaporizers is the Ventys massive upgrade to a 20 second heat up time. The fastest one thus far, the Mighty+, takes 60 seconds to hit temperature, so this is a h...

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XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Review

Table of contents Expand Vapor Two ways to vape: Session & On-demand Stretch your stash with convection heat Pros & Cons Outstanding battery performance Extremely pocketable 15 to 20 second heat up time Longer hits get the best rips Strong construction Average size bowl Works with POTV ONE Dosing capsules Easy to use with full temperature control Mouthpiece with a stir tool Water pipe adapter for bubblers One year warranty Whats in the box For best results Easy maintenance Who is the XMAX V3 Pro for Who is the XMAX V3 Pro not for Conclusion The XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer delivers - its small, punchy, and affordable with great battery life! Whether you want a high performance vape, or a budget option, you just might find both here. We spent a few weeks with it for our XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer review and ha...

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