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XMAX V3 Pro Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Its time to get down and dirty with the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer. Grab your vape and follow our path to a cleaner, fresher vaporizer. What youll need A few household items is all youll need for this simple cleaning. Rubbing alcohol Container for soaking Cotton swab Paper Disassemble the mouthpiece Most of this deep cleaning will involve the V3 Pro s mouthpiece and its smaller components, so lets take it apart. On the bottom side of the mouthpiece, pinch the little ridge that surrounds the metal filter screen and pull it straight out. Then, remove the ceramic airflow box and the metal filter screen from the silicone piece and set them aside. Pinch the little ridge that surrounds the metal filter screen and pull it straight out. The XMAX V3 Pro Mouthpiece and its components. Soak the airflow box and filter screen Take the ceramic airflow box and metal filter...

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Receive a Gift Card as a Free Bonus Item!

Free Bonus Items! Thank you for shopping at Planet of the Vapes! We want you to enjoy your vaporizer and come back when youre ready for more, so we have a little something extra for you. Gift card with each vape purchase Every dry herb vape you purchase comes with an electronic gift card you can use on your next purchase, or share with a friend. The amount on the gift card is indicated on that vaporizers page. Use the gift card on your next purchase When you finalize your order, you will receive an email with a code to use for your gift card. You can use this code immediately on another purchase, or you can pay-it-forward to a friend to use. What if I have more than one gift card code Winner! You can enter multiple valid gift card codes at checkout, and really stack the savings. Use them all for incredible discounts! What if my purchase qualifies for more than one gi...

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XMAX V3 Pro Tips and Tricks

If you want to get the most out of your XMAX V3 Pro , youre in the right place. Weve come up with a few tips, tricks, and pointers that we think youll want to implement into your sessions. Lets get into it. Pack it full with a gentle tamp The XMAX V3 Pro utilizes a full convection oven, which means it uses the air to transfer the heat to your herbs. When you pack your V3 Pro, fill it to the top with ground herbs, and give it a soft, gentle tamp. Dont overfill it or it will scorch and cook unevenly. Pack it too lightly and youll get little to no vapor production. Pack it full with a gentle tamp. Long draws for big hits For the fattest hits, start your draw off slowly for a couple seconds, and then ramp it up once it starts to thicken. Longer pulls produce the thickest clouds. A four second draw is enough, but it really ramps up after about seven seconds. Start slow for a coupl...

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Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review

The Arizer XQ2 dry herb vaporizer just dropped, and its one of the best value vaporizers you can buy. Instantly go from relaxing solo sessions with the whip to powering a party with bags, without busting your budget! Just like the original Extreme Q, this one does it all, but is easier to use, and even more versatile. Keep reading our XQ2 review for the full scoop. Tasty vapor, any way you want it The Arizer XQ2 dry herb vaporizer delivers quality vapor thats light, tasty and effective , with a multitude of included accessories to change things up. The convection heat and glass parts gently release the vapor from your herbs in a way that preserves taste and feels comfortable, not overbearing. There is a formula to Arizer vapor thats unique. Every one of their vaporizers has a glass bowl for the herbs, and a slow, gentle heat profile. The vapor leans on the light a...

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Arizer XQ2 vs Extreme Q - Which is for You?

Arizer released the XQ2 dry herb vaporizer, the successor to the Extreme Q thats been over ten years in the making. If youre on a tighter budget, the Extreme Q is still the vape to beat. But for the small price difference, the XQ2 is the better value. Here comes our full head-to-head matchup: the Arizer XQ2 vaporizer versus the Extreme Q! Both have great vapor quality As youll soon see, Arizer did a lot to the user interface and accessories for the XQ2, but is the vapor production any better The Extreme Q vaporizer is no slouch in the vapor department, and as long as I used the same bowl on both units during side-by-side testing, I couldnt tell them apart . Both convection vapes started sessions out light and tasty, and could cook the herbs as far as I wanted. Bottom line, they both perform well above their price points, and will continue to dominate the value category i...

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Mighty+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

If your Storz & Bickel Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer is in use as much as we think it is, a deep cleaning is just around the corner. Use our guide as your personal assistant to a cleaner vape. Mighty+ vaporizer cleaning guide: what youll need Youll only need a few household supplies for this cleaning. A few cotton swabs Rubbing alcohol A container for soaking Take it apart First, wiggle and pull the mouthpiece out of its socket. Then, slide the cap lock - the holographic logo - towards the mouthpiece socket, pull it up and off, and set it aside. Slide the Caplock towards the mouthpiece socket. The cooling unit splits apart into two pieces, and depending on how dirty your vape is, may give you a bit of trouble. With the cooling unit still attached to your Mighty+ vape , press down on the little button nub, where the cap lock sits, and pull up to separate the two pi...

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XMAX V3 Pro Quickstart Guide

The XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer comes with a unique set of features that we think youll enjoy. Take a look at this quickstart guide to get a feel for what a session is like, from start to finish. XMAX V3 Pro Quickstart Guide: Whats in the box Heres everything thats included: 1pc. XMAX V3 PRO Vaporizer 1pc. 18650 Battery 1pc. Wax Cup for Concentrates 1pc. Cleaning Brush 1pc. USB-C Charger 1pc. User Manual Cotton Swabs Alcohol Prep Pads Charge it Your XMAX V3 Pro will arrive with less than a full charge so lets top it off before we roll into our first session. Plug it in with the included USB-C charge cable and wait until the battery indicator is full. Three-button controls The V3 Pro comes with a single power button and two face buttons for precise temperature control. Everything from current and set temperature, battery level, session timer and more is conveni...

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