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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Air SE dry herb vaporizerrefreshes a familiar product and brings it in at a much more affordable price. If youre familiar with the original Arizer Air, youll recognize a lot of what the Air SE has to offer and what new things it brings to the table. Lets dive in and see how this vaporizer stacks up in this highly competitive market. Quick summary The Arizer Air SE will be one of my top recommendations for newcomers. Its extremely affordable, easy to use, and doesnt require too much knowledge of vaporization to get the hang of. Its not a new, cutting-edge addition to the vape scene however. It recycles the now discontinued Arizer Air and makes a few minor changes, but keeps the same signature quality that youd expect from the Arizer name. Pros and Cons Pros ?? Cons ?? Excellent price point No display screen Efficient, flavorful sessions Not ideal for me...

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Arizer Air SE Quickstart Guide

The Arizer Air SE dry herb vaporizer is extremely easy to use. With only two buttons and five preset temperatures, the Air SE will only take a few sessions to get under your belt. Lets dive in and set up a great first session with your brand new vaporizer. Whats in the box Arizer Air SE Vaporizer Glass Aroma Tube PVC Travel Tube Micro-USB Charger Cable Stainless Steel Stir Tool Replacement Screen Pack User Manual Charge it Lets fully charge the battery before we get started. Take the included micro-usb charge cable, plug it at the bottom, and let it charge until its ready to go. The lights will turn on and blink with the current battery charge and then turn solid green when its ready to go. Battery Levels: Green: 100% Blue: 70% Yellow: 40% Red: 10% Two button controls The Air SE dry herb vaporizer comes with just two buttons to choose your temperature an...

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Tinymight Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The Tinymight portable vaporizer may be one of the best, most advanced dry herb vaporizers on the market, but its not safe from sticky buildup and will need a thorough cleaning at some point, but dont worry. It only requires a few easy steps. This rundown will dive into how to clean the Tinymight 2, but also applies to the original Tinymight vaporizer , so grab your vape and lets get into it. How to clean the Tinymight vaporizer: Quick summary Disassemble the cooling unit (Optional) Disassemble the stem chamber Soak, rinse, and dry Reassemble Run a burnoff Remove the stem and disassemble it. Take the glass stem mouthpiece and push the cooling unit out with the included stir tool or a skewer/screwdriver if you need something longer. The cooling unit is made up of two pieces with a few nuts and washers inside. Take the unit and unscrew the two pieces to separate them and re...

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POTV is Taking Action for a More Sustainable Future

Doing well by doing good is one of Planet of the Vapes top missions, with an emphasis on doing good. Our success has granted us an important opportunity to do more than just provide users with great deals, but to extend our gratitude and support those in need and the planet as a whole . A sustainable future for all Planet of the Vapes mission extends beyond just vaporizers. We take great pride in providing customers with worthwhile products and experiences, but we understand that these services come at a price far greater than economic value. Our operations have a significant impact on the environment and its important that we hold ourselves accountable with sustainable business practices that benefit you and our planet as a whole, today and for the future. Its our responsibility to take action and promote a happier, healthier planet for all . Offsetting our carbon footprint wit...

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DynaVap M Plus Quickstart Guide

The DynaVap M Plus dry herb vaporizer is just like any other DynaVap vaporizer but still requires a bit of know-how to master. If this is your first time wielding a DynaVap, pay close attention and follow along for a strong first session. Quick rundown DynaVap 101 Choose a torch Grind your herbs Pack it Heat it Hit it Let it cool How to extract in on cycle Empty the chamber DynaVap 101 Listen for the clicks The DynaVap clicks are the most important element for good sessions. Pay attention to them or you may burn your herbs. Each click represents two things: one click when its ready to vape, and one when its below vaping temperature. Most caps include a quick second click at both stages to make sure you dont miss it. The first set of clicks The first set of clicks means its at vaping temperature and is ready to vape. Dont heat much further or youll quickly burn your ...

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DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Review

Its been two years since we last saw a refreshed version of DynaVaps flagship portable vaporizer . The previous iterations of the DynaVap M dry herb vaporizer were fun and exciting but there were no new advancements in its performance. The DynaVap M Plus vaporizer is a beautiful showcase of DynaVaps engineering prowess and enthusiasm to take that next step in performance with next-level designs and features that avid-users have been hungry for. ?? Shop DynaVap M Plus Signature DynaVap vapor Lets get the vapor quality out of the way. The DynaVap M Plus delivers signature DynaVap vapor as usual. Hits are strong and effective and the M Plus does well whether youre taking small sips or want full, potent extractions. And dont worry. Well talk about the one-cycle extractions. As with all of the DynaVap vaporizers , Im impressed with the performance and strong vapor production I ...

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The Planet of the Vapes ONE Review

The Planet of the Vapes ONE combines tasty, potent vapor with an ultra-portable size, at a price point that makes other vapes seem like a waste of time and money. We took the popular Fenix Mini / Fury 2 vaporizer, added some important features and accessories , and got it down to $69.95 to make sure it was still an incredible value. Whether youre getting your first vaporizer, or just looking for an upgrade, the ONE is a great place to land. The Planet of the Vapes ONE Review - Vapor that wont disappoint The ONE uses a hybrid heating design for quick, strong sessions on the go. The stainless steel heater sits below the herbs, never touching them, for tasty hits at the beginning of a session that give way to strong clouds. You can certainly find a better tasting vape out there, like the Solo 2 with its glass stem, but nothing this small or affordable. The POTV ONE also works well ...

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