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XMAX V3 Pro receives our signature upgrades

We love the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer so much that we worked with XMAX to produce an even better version with $30 worth of upgrades , all for the same price. We gave it the POTV treatment with an upgraded battery, our signature Accessory Attachment, and more. Check it out! $30 worth of upgrades, same low price The XMAX V3 Pro has proven itself to be a worthy vaporizer for both the beginner and seasoned vaporist . We like it so much that we partnered with XMAX to bring you our own POTV branded XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer . Weve given it a slight makeover with our POTV logo, a battery with 40% more runtime , and our signature Accessory Attachment for extra fun, plus more. $30 in upgrades , all for the same price . More fun with our Accessory Attachment & glass accessories Weve developed a fully functional Accessory Attachment, designed specifically for the V3 Pro with its...

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Introducing the NEW POTV ONE

You wanted it, so we did it - no more stuck or loose mouthpieces with the POTV ONE vaporizer ! And while we were at it, we cooled the vapor even more, too. Check out how we improved this already incredible portable dry herb vaporizer. Planet of the Vapes ONE NEW Version The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer has been on the market for a little over three years now, and its popularity and praise has been overwhelming. But some users have encountered issues with the mouthpieces, so we set off to find a reliable solution that youre gonna love. Magnetic Accessory Attachment To tackle this issue, we upgraded to a new and improved accessory attachment that easily slides in and out of place. Just hook it onto the unit and let the magnets lock it in. When youre done, just pull and slide it off. No more tight or loose mouthpieces! Were really excited about this update and even more exci...

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Best Vaporizers for Microdoses

Microdosing is an effective way to enjoy your herbs without the buzz.Many users microdose toease anxiety, alleviate pain, and to even boost their mood without slowing down. Lets jump in and look at the best dry herb vaporizers for microdosing. But first, what is microdosing What is microdosing Microdoses involve very small doses of your chosen herbs. Were talking very small hits or loads as tiny as 0.05 grams or less . In some cases, youll pack a fraction of your vaporizers capacity, or just enough to cover the bottom of the oven. Vapor is minimal, with just a few hits. There are two ways to microdose - Pack a little, and take a little. With some vapes, you can pack a little bit and vape it all at once. With others, you can pack a lot and just take a small hit, leaving the rest for later. Make sure to get a vape that meets your style! Effects without the buzz Microdoses can pr...

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Volcano Hybrid Review - Updating an Icon

Table of contents Expand Serious price tag Consistent excellence A fantastic whip Updated heater Quick heat up time Feature-rich smartphone app New programming features Iterate on your session Workflows are a vapor nerds playground Dry herbs or concentrates, big or small Out with the old, in with the new Rare, easy maintenance Dimensions Warranty Whats in the box For best results What temperature should I use for the Volcano Hybrid Is the Volcano Hybrid worth it Who is the Volcano Hybrid for Who is the Volcano Hybrid not for Is the Volcano Hybrid still the best vaporizer Our take **The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer has some features only accessible via a smartphone app. On November 15th, 2019, Apple removed all vaporizer apps from its store. Apps that were downloaded before removal will still work. Android users are n...

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Epickai E-nano XL Review

E-nano XL Vaporizer Review: Bigger Works! The Epickai E-nano XL dry herb desktop vaporizer looks amazing and tastes even better. And it does something most vapes cant - satisfy both large and small appetites! If you thought the original E-nano was an improvement on log vapes, wait until you try the XL! Whats a log vape Log vaporizers have a long reputation for efficiency and friendship. Theyre made of wood and are usually about the size of a fist. Since log vapes are handcrafted from wood, theyre typically artisan pieces with amazing character that c apture hearts . To use one, load a bowl at the end of a stem, mate it with the vape and take your hits. If youre familiar with any of the Arizer portable vaporizers , theyre basically like portable log vapes. A little log vape history, from left to right: Eds TNT Woodscents, E-nano, E-nano XL, a never produced Banksia Pod va...

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Vapman Quickstart Guide

The Vapman dry herb vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers to pull you in closer to your herbal blends and its vaping experience. Join us as we explore each step of this mindful ritual. Vapman quickstart guide: quick summary Set the flame Grind your herbs Load the oven Heat it Hit it Cleanup Whats in the box 1 x Vapman vape 1 x Storage egg 1 x Butane torch lighter 1 x Stainless steel filling funnel 1 x Cleaning brush 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Wood box 1 x User manual Inside the wooden box (not pictured) youll find everything you need to get started. The Vapman and its components The small and discreet Vapman splits apart into two main components, the bowl and the stem/lid . Unlock the stem with a counter-clockwise twist and remove it to reveal the bowl/heating chamber below. Under the bowl, youll see the conical point where you point the torch flame and co...

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Vapman Vaporizer Review

Get ready for a new best friend! The Vapman dry herb vaporizer will draw you in with its ritual and artisan craftsmanship. Whether you want to microdose your herbs, or just get away at the end of the day, the Vapman will help you relax into a mindful session. The Vapmans Olive wood has gorgeous grains. Vapman Vaporizer Review: Fantastic taste is up to you The Vapman dry herb vaporizer is manually controlled , so the quality of your hit is up to you. But the sweet spot is wide , and I really enjoyed the taste, whether it be at the low or high end of the temp spectrum. After a short learning curve, my sessions were consistent with two or three hits of amazing taste , followed by one or two hits to finish it off. I was surprised that my herbs didnt combust during tests (until I tried to), since it doesnt have an audible temperature alert like the DynaVap vaporizers. Torch po...

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