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PAX 3 vs. POTV ONE: Review & Comparison

Table of contents Expand Introduction How to use the POTV ONE How to use the PAX 3 Major similarities Major differences What Stickstones thinks What customers say Vape community chimes in Final thoughts PAX 3 vaporizer vs. POTV ONE vaporizer: Your comparison This is your comparison video. We polled social media, scoured over 1,500 reviews, and surveyed our Customer Service Department to find out what you think of two of our most popular vapes. The PAX 3 and POTV ONE vaporizers are both ultra-portable with potent vapor, but which is right for you Read this blog and watch the videos to find out, and even help your friends along the path, as well! How to use the POTV ONE Youre about to find out why the ONE has quickly become one of our best selling vaporizers. Its incredibly small, hits like a tank, and has unmatched versatility. Ev...

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Smoking to Vaporizing: Stickstones' transition

Planet of the Vapes is adamant about helping customers transition from smoking to vaporizing, but taking that first step can be intimidating. Jerry Stickstones helped set expectations and spoke about his transition during one of our weekly livestreams , and covered a number of reasons on why you should consider making the change. Read about it below or check out the entire stream here . Why I made the change: Smoking produces more than just the good stuff Theres a whole lot of junk, like carcinogens, that goes into your lungs when youre smoking. When you burn your herbs with fire, you destroy a lot of the good stuff that youre after, and turn it into harmful byproducts. When we vaporize, the compounds are released, not destroyed, which leaves the majority of the chemical structure intact for a fuller, more efficient experience. Superior taste As soon as you start vaporizing, you...

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How To Vape Dry Herbs For Beginners

Are you new to the world of dry herb vaporizers and arent sure where to start Youve come to the right place. We cover everything you need to know as a beginner, from the benefits of dry herb vaping to the different types you may find on the market. Lets get into it. Table of contents Expand What is a dry herb vaporizer and how does it work Benefits of dry herb vapes Types of dry herb vaporizers Heater Types How to vape your dry herbs Final top tips for first time vapers Is it safe to vape herbs What is a dry herb vaporizer and how does it work A dry herb vaporizer is a heater that produces gas (vapor) from dried plant material. Material is placed inside a chamber, or oven, that can reach temperatures well over 400F. Rather than combusting the material, like with cigarettes, vaporizers heat the material and release its active ingredients in the form of v...

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Review: Is the New DynaVap Omni 2021 Worth It?

DynaVap released three new VapCaps this year, and the Omni is my personal favorite. Its dripping with style, function and fun. If youre like me and thought the old Omni couldnt be surpassed, pull up a chair and lets take a look. Whats an Omni An Omni is a top-shelf VapCap, made by Dynavap. Its constructed entirely from titanium, except for the cap and some o-rings. VapCaps are dry herb vaporizers heated by hand with a torch lighter, and theyre about the size of a classic cigarette. Although manually controlled, VapCaps make an audible click when ready to vaporize, separating them from other butane powered vapes that leave you guessing. Heat the lower half of the tip for hotter hits, and the upper half for cooler hits. When youve had enough of the torch, upgrade to an induction heater for easy and consistent heatups. We should also mention the new term TED. DynaVap has stopped ...

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PAX 2/3 Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The PAX 2 and PAX 3 are super simple to use, and cleaning them is just as easy. With only a few pieces to remove and an easy-to-clean vapor path, deep cleaning is a walk in the park. Follow along as we restore your PAX to its former glory. PAX 2/3 Cleaning and Maintenance: What you need Grab these few items to get started: Rubbing alcohol Small dish for soaking Pipe cleaner Cotton swab or paper towel Long stir tool/pick If youre short on supplies, the PAX Maintenance Kit comes with a few cleaning tools and replacement parts to get you going. Disassemble and soak The mouthpiece and oven screen are the only pieces that need to soak, so start by removing the silicone mouthpiece and the oven lid. Grab your long stir tool/pick and feed it through the mouthpiece end, through the vapor path, and poke out the metal oven screen. Then, take the silicone mouthpiece and oven...

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DynaVap VonG 2021 Review - New and Improved

To change things up this time around, DynaVap has released not one, not two, but THREE VapCaps for 2021. Of the three, the VonG stands out as the most notable addition. Is it worth it Lets check it out. DynaVap VonG 2021 Vaporizer Review: Strong vapor As with every VapCap in the lineup, the DynaVap2021 VonG Vaporizer pumps out strong vapor, and is flexible enough to cater to a variety of light and heavy users. The VonG, however, features its own titanium heating tip with unique cuts and curves, thats heavier than earlier titanium tips. The look is tight, and the sessions are satisfying. Whats a VonG Its a slick name for a VapCap to use on a glass bubbler. It comes from glass bubbler naming conventions, and stands for Vapcap ON Glass. VapCaps are dry herb vaporizers you heat by hand with a torch lighter, and theyre about the size of a classic cigarette. Complete design overha...

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PAX App Solution for iPhones

PAX released a simple app workaround for Apple/iOS users, and were here to give you the rundown. This solution works for all PAX products (minus the PAX 2), but well only be covering the PAX 3 for this walkthrough. Youll need an internet connection for this to work, and unfortunately theres no more games, butall the heat, light, and haptic feedback settings are still available. Grab your iDevice and lets jump in. Download the App First, open up the App Store and download the Connect Browser app. You can also scan the QR code on the image below. Open it up and grant it access to Bluetooth. Pair your Pax 3 Click the url bar up top and go to pax.com . Choose PAX 3 and then enter the serial number located on the back of your vape. Turn your PAX 3 on and shake it until the petals turn blue. Then, with bluetooth enabled, press Connect on the app, choose your PAX, and your...

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