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PAX Plus vs PAX Mini: Vaporizer Comparison

Are the latest PAX Plus and PAX Mini dry herb vaporizers worth picking up With different price points, features, and accessories, these conduction vaporizers meet different vaping needs. Each one serves different purposes and caters to a variety of experience levels and its important to highlight them before you pull the trigger on one. The PAX Plus showcases a refined feature set with four preset Experience Modes , which were only available through the PAX 3 and its smartphone app functionality until now. Its built for the user that wants multiple vaping options to play around with, without too many other settings to sift through. It also comes with plenty of accessories to play with. The PAX Mini takes a simplified approach and comes with a smaller oven and one optimized session mode that adjusts to your specific vaping style. Its built for the newbie or light user that wan...

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Types of Herb Grinders: a Complete Guide

Table of contents Expand What are herb grinders used for How do they work What are the different types of herb grinders What are herb grinders made of How many pieces are there in a grinder What types of herbal grinds are there What are the different types of herb grinder teeth What are the different herb grinder sizes What is the best type of grinder Types of herb grinders: FAQs With a vast sea of different types of grinders , how do you find and choose the perfect one for your vaping needs Theyre an important piece of the vaporization puzzle but come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Most types of grinders consist of at least three main components: a chamber to grind, grinding teeth, and a lid to keep it all together. Youll find two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece grinders, all of which do the same thing but cater to different ne...

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How to Use a Dry Herb Grinder for Beginners

Table of contents Expand What is a herb grinder How to Use a Herb Grinder What is the purpose of a herb grinder How does a herb grinder work What are the parts of a herb grinder Which grind should I use for my vaporizer From fine to coarse How to use a grinder for beginners What is pollen How do I collect pollen from my grinder How to clean a grinder How do I grind herbs by hand How to use a herb grinder: FAQs How to use a dry herb grinder: guide for beginners High-quality grinders are a must-have for the best experience. You can get by without one, but serious results start with a grinder and if thats what youre after, then pay attention. This accessory is known by many, whether youre a vaporist or a smoker, and is considered a staple among herbal enthusiasts. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some shred one way while others shred another....

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PAX Mini Quickstart Guide

PAX Mini Quickstart Guide The PAX Mini dry herb vaporizer strips itself from all of the extra settings and modes for a no-fuss vaping experience . In this guide, well get you up to speed on your new vaporizer and how to use it, and then set you up with a great first session. So open up your new PAX Mini and lets get started. For an in-depth review of the PAX Mini, check out our full PAX Mini Vaporizer Review . Quick rundown Fully charge the PAX Mini before your first session Clean the PAX Mini with a burnoff session Grind and pack with herbs Click the button once Hit it when it turns green Turn it off and clean out the oven when youre finished. Whats in the Box Pax Mini Vaporizer Flat Mouthpiece (Installed) Raised Mouthpiece Oven Lid (Installed) Wire Brush USB Charger User Guide & Manual Fully charge the PAX Mini before your first session We always r...

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PAX Mini Vaporizer Review

PAX Mini Review: perfect for the light user The PAX Mini dry herb vape is a great place to start your vape adventure! Confused by all the vape tech and options on the market The PAX Mini cuts through the clutter for a simple, no-frills vape session that gets the job done for the beginner or light user . Its small, classy, affordable and dead-easy to use. In this vaporizer review we will cover the PAX Mini portable vape, see where it fits into the PAX family, and help you decide which PAX dry herb vaporizer is best for you. The PAX Mini is sleek and minimalistic. PAX Mini Features One easy way to vape Punchy, tasty vapor Ultra-pocketable Individual-sized oven 20-30 second heat up time Smart shut-off timer 80-minute run-time per charge (around 15 sessions) 2-3 hour charge time Improved oven screen $250 Why trust my review My n...

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PAX Plus Quickstart Guide

PAX Plus Quickstart Guide The PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer is a familiar product but comes loaded with an updated vaporizing experience . Well tell you how to use it, give you a brief rundown on the new experience modes, and then set you off on the right foot with a great first session. So grab your newly arrived PAX Plus and lets get into it. If you want our full thoughts and opinions on the PAX Plus, check out our PAX Plus Vaporizer Review . Quick rundown Fully Charge the PAX Plus Cleanse with a burnoff session Grind and pack the herbs Turn it on and set it toFlavor Mode When it vibrates, take a hit! Turn it off and dump out the herbs when youre finished Whats in the box Pax Plus Vaporizer Flat & Raised Mouthpiece Oven Lid Half-Pack Oven Lid Concentrate Insert 3D Oven Screens Multi-Tool (New) Wire Brush USB Charger Charge it Your PAX Plus comes ...

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PAX Plus Vaporizer Review

PAX Plus Review: an easier way to vape Vape your way with the PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer . Tasty or cloudy sessions are just a button press away . PAX programmed four very different vape styles to enjoy no matter what your mood, without a deep dive into custom settings like the PAX 3 required! In this review, we will first see how the PAX Plus performs on its own without concern for any other PAX products. Then well see how it fits into the PAX family, and which PAX vape is best for your needs. PAX Plus Features All controls on-board Easy to use Punchy, tasty vapor Ultra-pocketable Big oven (half gram) 30-40 second heat up time Smart shut-off timer 75-minute run-time per charge (around 10 sessions) 2-3 hour charge time Vape dry herbs and concentrates Improved oven screen $250 Why trust my review My name is Jerry, and Im a v...

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