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Tinymight 2 Review: Is this the Mighty killer?

The Tinymight 2 dry herb vaporizer entered the scene and was quickly dubbed the Mighty Killer. Its fast, extremely strong, and comes with a variety of useful accessories to compliment its top-shelf experience, but comes with an expensive entry-point and a bit of know-how. Quick Summary The Tinymight 2 is by far the best on-demand convection vaporizer on the market. Hits are ready in seconds, vapor is as strong as they come, and it even comes with an alternate session mode. The Tinymight 2 is expensive and comes with a slight learning curve, but its performance is in a league of its own Pros and Cons Pros ?? Cons ?? Huge, potent hits Expensive Flavorful vapor Slight learning curve On-demand and session modes Adjustable temperature Removable battery USB-C charging Bottom line The Tinymight 2 is expensive and ...

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Introducing the POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX

Harness the full power of your PAX vaporizer with the POTV Glass Accessory Adapter and our collection of specialized glass accessories. Swap this in place of the standard mouthpiece and insert one of our glass attachments for smoother, more versatile sessions, all without disrupting the PAXs stylish design and simple controls. Controls stay the same Press down on the glass attachment, like normal, to turn it on, adjust your settings, and turn it off. When youre ready to change things up, remove the glass piece and switch gears in a matter of seconds. This is the surefire way to unlock the full potential of your PAX vaporizer . Made for PAX dry herb vaporizers We developed this adapter for PAXs entire line of vaporizers, new and old. Compatible with: PAX Plus PAX Mini PAX 3 PAX 2 Expertly designed with the user in mind Our line of glass accessories, unt...

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Tinymight 2 Quickstart Guide

With great features like session and on-demand modes, full convection heat, and a wide temperature spectrum, the Tinymight 2 dry herb vaporizer is a killer vape with a slight learning curve. Well show you how to go from newbie to seasoned pro with this quickstart guide, so grab your Tinymight 2 and follow along for a great first session. Quick rundown Charge it Turn it on and run a burnoff Grind your herbs and pack the stem Set the temperature and turn it on to session mode Hit it when it vibrates Try it on-demand mode Stir it with the built-in stir tool Finish up and clean it Whats in the Box Tinymight 2 Vaporizer 18650 battery 55mm Glass Tube Cooling Unit 80mm Titanium Tube Spare O-Rings & Screens USB-C Charging Cable Carrying Pouch Instruction Manual Fully charge the Tinymight 2 Lets fully charge your Tinymight 2 before we roll into our first session. ...

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PAX Mini vs PAX 2: A Budget-Friendly Faceoff

?? 420 Special ??R eceive our POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX and a Dimpled Glass Stem for FREE with every PAX Mini! Only while supplies last! ( worth $24.90) Shop PAX Mini Now Table of contents Expand Quick summary What is the PAX Mini What is the PAX 2 Similar shape, different size Technical Specifications PAX Mini has a miniature oven Different session settings PAX Mini heats up faster Quality vapor with different approaches What about features PAX 2s battery lasts longer Similar accessories Price & warranty Which one should you buy What about the PAX Plus and PAX 3 The PAX Mini and PAX 2 are PAXs cheapest dry herb vaporizers , but how are they different and which one should you consider picking up They both serve the same purpose but one might suit you better depending on the type of user you are. Lets dig i...

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PAX Plus vs PAX 3: How do they stack up?

?? 420 Special ?? Receive our POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAX, a Dimpled Glass Stem, Curved Mini Bubbler, and Water Pipe Adapter for FREE with every PAX Plus! Only while supplies last! (worth $54.80) Shop PAX Plus Now Table of contents Expand Quick summary What is the PAX Plus What is the PAX 3 Same exact size Technical Specifications Both have the same-sized oven - half a gram! Different session settings PAX 3 has a smartphone app Strong vapor with different approaches Both share additional features Both heat up in around 30 seconds PAX 3s battery lasts longer PAX Plus is easier to clean What accessories do the PAX Plus and PAX 3 come with Different price, same warranty Which vaporizer should you buy What about the PAX 2 and PAX Mini How does the latest PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer stack up against the tried-and...

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Mighty+ vs Crafty+: Which Provides More Value?

Table of contents Expand Quick Summary Very similar vapor Size comparison Each one is light and durable Pocketable or portable Sitting or standing Big battery life difference Both have USB-C Charging On-board or smartphone controls Both have slow heat up times Warranty Which one is right for you What about the original Mighty Final thoughts Looking to take high-quality vapor with you, at any cost The Storz & Bickel Mighty+ and Crafty+ portable vaporizers have delivered some of the best vapor on the market for years -- convection forward, efficiently cooled, with clear flavors. Theyre a little larger than you might be used to, and they take a little longer to reach temperature, but the benefits are immense. The Crafty+ dry herb vaporizer nails portability, so you can take it with you wherever you go. In ...

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PAX Plus vs PAX Mini: Vaporizer Comparison

?? 420 Special ?? Receive our POTV Glass Accessory Adapter for PAXand MORE for FREE with every PAX Plus and PAX Mini! Only while supplies last! (up to $54.80 in Value!) Shop PAX Plus Now Shop PAX Mini Are the latest PAX Plus and PAX Mini dry herb vaporizers worth picking up With different price points, features, and accessories, these conduction vaporizers meet different vaping needs. Each one serves different purposes and caters to a variety of experience levels and its important to highlight them before you pull the trigger on one. The PAX Plus showcases a refined feature set with four preset Experience Modes , which were only available through the PAX 3 and its smartphone app functionality until now. Its built for the user that wants multiple vaping options to play around with, without too many other settings to sift through. It also comes with plenty of accessor...

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